Audio: Designing a Resilient Transport System

We Are Futureproof PodcastsIn 2009, I made a series of podcasts for We Are Futureproof, a campaign group I helped create to explore the future of sustainable transport systems.

In this podcast I interviewed Patrick Andrews from Riversimple all about resilience and how it applies to peak oil & climate change, and what happens to transport when there are power cuts, or fuel shortages and why does hydrogen present a resilient way to store energy for the future.

We took the conversation deeper. Patrick also discusses how they believe open source is the way we will all design cars in the future. Together we explore the benefits of cooperation and collaboration versus competition, and why the emerging field known as group think and collective intelligence might be the only way we will create the solutions we need to tackle climate change.

I hope you enjoy this recording as it provides a lot of food for thought on how we can transition this world together.

>>Click here to listen to “Designing a Resilient Transport System”

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