What’s your passion?

Blake profileIs there something you love that allows you to see more about the world and yourself? I happen to love photography. I got turned on while I was at University at UCLA. I suddenly had an insatiable appetite to learn more about photography and photographers and discovered a huge love of the darkroom. I always admired Dorothea Lange’s quote: ‘the camera is an instrument that teaches you to see without a camera’. That has been so true in my life.

Minor White: Discovering spirituality through photography

Minor White: Discovering spirituality through photography

Photography gave me one means to let go and in the process discover a world far bigger than myself. Often no different from a spiritual experience, what was before me and my interest and concentration would open up a timeless ‘moment’ that would carry me further into a mysterious journey of discovery.

I’ve also been involved with nature, environmentalism and sustainability ever since I was an adolescent. Perhaps my earliest experience of meditating in nature was sitting silently up in my tree fort, or sitting still and silently watching the tension on my fishing line at the local lake.

I also happen to love cooking – I’ve been a vegetarian chef for over 20 years – and I’m always experimenting, trying new foods or re-exploring old recipes. Like taking pictures, I often lose myself in the kitchen and let a certain creativity take over.

Why this blog?

This blog is an ongoing and evolving exploration into the building blocks of life, culture and philosophy, from the food we eat and beliefs that nourish us (and I’ve included some of my own recipes), to our relationship with an evolving and expanding universe, as well as to our selves at the deepest level.

I’ve got lots of questions – about how we see ourselves and the world around us, questions surrounding the future of food and agriculture, about how to define a new direction for environmentalism beyond sustainability and always wondering how we can design our cities and communities differently.

I’m also interested in how people come together to create something new. How do we let go, collectively, and discover new solutions that we never dreamed of before?

So these pages are really big question marks as I explore and meet new people and new ideas.

– Blake


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