Gym WorkoutI’ve been working out in gyms for over 22 years. If there is one thing that I’ve learned, it’s pretty confusing to know what’s the best workout regime to follow. We have at our disposal countless opinions, books, magazine articles and youtube videos – all portending to offer the new miracle workout. And often the articles we read and the pictures we see in the media are misleading – they fail to provide the context in which the person achieved the results (ie; months of eating salad and hi-cardio workouts to get that six-pack, or taking steroids to get that huge frame of muscle). Discovering the proper diet for working out and putting on muscle mass is also confusing. In time I’ll write about a few options that I’ve explored, but I am excited to see the great results body builders are getting on plant-based diets.

One set of workouts I do highly recommend is the Royal Court of Bodyweight Exercises, as taught by Matt Furey who is a martial arts champion. The Royal Court combines three Indian exercises – the Hindu pushup, the Hindu squat, and the wrestler’s neck bridge (sometimes called the back bridge). The beauty of the set is you can do them anywhere. I even remember seeing young men doing them along the bathing ghats in Varanasi, India.

Here’s a simple video showing the Hindu squat and pushup:

Here’s a video showing the wrestler’s bridge:

Here’s a hi-octane video to show you the combination together – but don’t be put off by the loud music. I’ve found this combo to be immensely strengthening – and they are something that you have to build up to.

Matt Furey’s Royal Court of Bodyweight Exercises done together


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